Public Relations

With a President and CEO who began her career in the public relations arena, it is no wonder that communication is one of our company’s greatest strengths. From writing press releases and connecting with reporters to hosting press conferences and managing your public image, our team can do it all – and do it well. At the core of our public relations efforts is the belief that sharing your story in an honest and transparent light is crucial to building a strong, consistent image that people will trust. Let us help you present yourself in the best way possible.

What to Expect

Initial Meeting

This is where we meet to identify your goals and objectives.

Communication Plan

We develop a comprehensive a plan that includes goals, messaging, and a schedule of efforts on a month-to-month basis.


We review the plan with you and make changes based on your feedback.


Once approved, we implement the plan using multiple resources.


We constantly monitor our efforts, ensuring everything stays on track and is making progress.

ROI Report

After our plan is complete, we compile a final report that includes the coverage and success of the entire effort.

"Public relations efforts cannot stand alone. They have to be supported by a solid marketing plan and message. When your marketing and PR efforts are consistent, that’s when you have a strong brand." –Nisha Patel, PR Account Manager