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Few industries are changing at the pace of healthcare. Boomers are aging, providers are consolidating, and the Affordable Care Act is changing the game. However, with this uncertainty comes unprecedented opportunities. At Crawford Strategy, we have the depth of experience across the entire continuum of care to help you take advantage of these market conditions.

Over the past five years, we have completed more than 5,000 separate projects for our healthcare clients. They range from small design projects, to legislative crises, to the comprehensive branding and opening of a new healthcare delivery model associated with a new facility. We leverage our experience to help our clients not only react to changes, but participate in the changes that are shaping the healthcare industry today.

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"I can, without reservation, confirm that Crawford Strategy is an outstanding strategic partner for Greenville Health System. The Crawford Strategy team blends seamlessly with ours. They are champions (and guardians) for our brand."


Howell Clyborne
Vice President, Community and Governmental Affairs

Greenville Health System

Expertise – How We Can Help

Important One-Off Projects.
Clients seek us out when there is something important to accomplish. That's when we're at our best: critical moments that require fast, high quality execution of a specific project.

Execution and Amplification of an Existing Brand.
Sometimes an existing brand works well – it just hasn't be rolled out comprehensively or effectively. In one instance, we executed hundreds of smaller projects that in the aggregate, represented the comprehensive, entity-wide application of an already existing branding concept. The concept itself was sound and effective. Its light had simply been "kept under a bushel."

In-House Bandwith Expansion.
Healthcare clients face limited budgets – yet they are dependent on their marketing function to drive top line revenue growth. Hiring additional employees is not always ideal – it entails risk and adds permanent expense. Use Crawford Strategy to beef up the capacity of your marketing department. We can provide "blocking and tackling" support for day-to-day marketing and design tasks. We have even seconded employees to clients for longer periods of time under special compensation arrangements.

Crisis Situations.
Healthcare clients don't always come to us for a well visit. Often they come when there is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately. We've helped clients when problems occur at facilities, when legislative bodies are poised to take adverse action and when adversaries have "taken off the gloves" in the public media.

Meet Marion

Marion Crawford

"Patients are empowered as never before. Providers that treat their patients more like guests are poised for success. We can show you how to communicate this fundamental shift in your approach."

Marion Crawford

President and CEO

Marion is the founder of Crawford Strategy and, in addition to the day-to-day operations of the agency, she manages the firm’s healthcare clients. Marion has a particular expertise in healthcare marketing and crisis management.

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Healthcare Clients

Healthcare Marketing expertise

Case Study

Improving Outcomes - Greenville Health System

Critical Issue: Consistent Protocols for Physician Practices

With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, there is a new emphasis on patient population health and physicians are being held accountable for patient outcomes. The Greenville Health System created a research and data institute to better understand what data-driven protocols and standards that achieve the best outcomes.

Crawford Strategy branded the Care Coordination Institute for higher physician and patient visibility, with the long term strategy of improving outcomes, recruiting physicians and driving patient preference.

Next in the process, Crawford Strategy branded the My Health First Network as a physician-led network designed to improve community health by delivering comprehensive, consistent and coordinated care.

Physicians who join My Health First Network agree to various protocols and standards that data proves achieve better outcomes, leading to enhanced reimbursement by CMS and ultimately, patient preference.

Greenville Health System marketing and branding

Case Study

Expand into new markets – Mission Health

Critical Issue: Expansion and Growth

When Crawford Strategy began its relationship with Mission Hospital System, the organization consisted of Mission Hospital and Mission Children's Hospital. ACA mandates were pinching community hospitals to the point where survival was dependent upon the ability to tie to a larger system. Clearly, Mission Health would need to grow. As more community hospitals in Western North Carolina were assimilated into the system, Crawford Strategy managed public relations, messaging and signage so the move was viewed in a positive light by the community.

Crawford Strategy helped assimilate practices into the system by assisting with standardizing processes for practices. Simultaneously, we helped the system fight a Certificate of Public Advantage (COPA) battle for its existence. Crawford Strategy waged a government relations battle to ensure that the COPA requirements were not increased as was a proposal in the statehouse. Ultimately, it was a battle Crawford Strategy would win.

Crawford Strategy also helped develop environmental branding and architectural standards that are reflective of a leading health care system across the Mission Health footprint.

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