Crawford Strategy knows how to throw a party. More than that, we know how to create meaningful, unique, and memorable experiences for your guests. When planning your special event, our team walks you through every step of the process, from the initial kick-off to the event day to the post-event wrap-up – ensuring every last detail is taken care of. With an extensive network of vendors and venues at our fingertips, we have the connections and creativity to bring your vision to life.

What to Expect

Initial Meeting

Our events team meets with you to discuss your expectations, initial thoughts, and budget for your event.

Create a Budget

Based on your feedback, our team will create a budget that we will continue to manage throughout the course of the event implementation.

Establish a Vision

Based on your budget, we create an overall vision for your event. This includes your theme, décor, set-up, arrangements, food, music, gifts, and everything else.

Manage Vendors

Our team works with various vendors to bring your vision to life.

Lead-Up to Event

We serve as the liaison between you and multiple vendors to ensure the entire event is cohesive and stays true to your vision. We are available 24/7 for any needs that may arise.

Day of Event

During your event, we are available on-site to manage the flow and execution of your event.

Event Follow-Up

After your event is complete, we provide a comprehensive recap of your event. This includes the breakdown of attendance, your event resume, photo recaps, and any PR clippings or media coverage related to the event.

"The fun of an event is in the details. At Crawford Strategy, we are great at adding in meaningful details you weren't expecting to see. That extra effort makes all the difference." –Lacey Hennessey, Account Executive